(Java required, drawing tablet heighly recommended, trackpad unadvisable.)

For lots of sample works done using Gaia check out the Gaia tag in my blog. I've also created a Facebook Note where I will be posting all the brilliant things you make using this app!

NOTE #1: This application is provided "as-is", with no warranty what so ever. The author assumes no liability for any loss, constipation, brain damage, or divorce associated with the use of this application.

NOTE #2: This app is a SNEAK PEEK of an ALPHA = an incomplete version of a test version. Bugs should be expected; especially on mac. The point of these two releases is to help iron out these problems.

NOTE #3: Make sure you have CAPS LOCK off at all times!

NOTE #4: This version has a lot of problems with the Chrome version of OS X, so if you're on a mac use Safari instead.




(update 20 04 2012 4:20am: spent the last few hours figuring out how to "sign" a java applet to allow it to acces the hard disk.

As a resault of this you can now SAVE the canvas by pressing "enter/return" and OPEN an image by pressing "*".

This updated applet will now require you to accept before it runs. So when it asks for permission choose "yes".)


Having no formal training or real knowledge of programming it took me roughly 30 hours over a period of 2 months to write the code for

this "starter" program in Processing, a programming language heavily based on JAVA. The main reason behind "self-learning to program

via making Gaia" was to prove to myself that I still had a functioning brain; sadly most of my at the time functioning neurons were burnt

throughout the period of writing this thing. 1500 lines of code and a bucket-full of tears later I am now fully convinced that this has been a

fabulous learning experience and I can't wait to move onto my next "crash course in the absurd", i.e. electronics & microcontrollers! But first,

I must continue working on this thing till it hits ALPHA, develop it some more after I get some input from testers, and then perpetually

freeze the project somewhere around BETA.


This is a teenie weenie 800x600 APPLET PRE-ALPHA SNEAK PEEK version of Gaia, this is not the full fledged EXECUTABLE ALPHA version.

For those who don't know what an ALPHA is or are interested in software developments cycles in general please read this wikipedia entry.

The difference between this APPLET version and the EXECUTABLE version is that this version has: no export to vector-based PDF,

no record to MOV video, no full screen, no explanation of how the goddamn thing works, etc.

I expect to be releasing the full fledged EXECUTABLE ALPHA version (Gaia v.0.1.0 Alpha) within a week from now.


If you are interested in testing that version, or have any comments about this version please email me here.

I'd also LOVE to see what you guys do with this app so please send me your doodles to the email above!



1. The applet doesn't seem to render properly on some mac browsers due to cropping and big text issues.

2. Pressing the shortcut of any of the EXECUTABLE version only functions (e.g. save to PDF) will crash the app.

3. Scrolling/panning/zooming on this page might result in rendering poblems or loss of data on some browsers.


If you face any oher issues please let me know.




19 04 2012









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